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The EDI Family

EDI has provided services since 1973 and are one of the largest providers of vocational and habilitation day services in Columbiana County. We are located on the corner of Sprucevale Road and Calcutta-Smithferry Road in East Liverpool, Ohio. Our goal is to assist the individuals we serve in leading a productive, satisfying, and enjoyable life with a focus on encouraging independence. EDI is proud of the employment opportunities offered at our facility. Our individuals provide sorting, labeling, packaging, janitorial, assembly, and lawn care services for our partners through contracted work. We are actively seeking out new opportunities for our individuals to use their skill set and interests in an employment area within the community or at our facility.

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Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families are the center of our business. We partner with individuals to inspire them to maximize their potential, assume a level of responsibility according to their abilities and secure their future. Life is about choices. Everyone makes choices about what we like to do, how we do it, where and how we live, learn, work and play and what provides us with the best quality of life. Making the right choice can be a challenge for everyone, including someone with a Developmental Disability. There are options to help individuals with a Developmental Disability find important resources and make good decisions. These possibilities begin with Employment Development! We value, respect and support our direct care staff and believe they are the key to our success. Our slogan is listens-connects-unites-empowers and we live by this daily here at EDI. We take pride in our community and work to build partnerships with our neighbors and friends.

Note from the Executive Director
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