Employment Development believes that all individuals have a right to be actively involved in their community. This is why we would like to assist individuals attending our program to integrate into their community and offer the level of support that they would need. Our ultimate goal is to connect individuals with the community in a way that is meaningful & satisfying to them. 


We are also certified through Employment First to offer a variety of employment services if community employment is something you are interested in perusing and would like information on the type of support you could receive and to see if you qualify for our employment services; contact your SSA or the Employment Development Manager for the County’s Employment First program, Shirley Bowald at 330-424-0404.

Above: Methodist Church Food Pantry, EDI-Central collected donations monthly and hand delivers the monthly collection.

Top Right: EDI South celebrates National Law Enforcement Day

Bottom Right: EDI Central made handmade dog treats for the Columbiana County Dog Pound.

Bottom Middle: Each Memorial Day weekend, EDI South puts up hundreds of American Flags for the Park in Calcutta.

Bottom Left: South and Central competed in "Can Wars" for the Columbiana County Food Pantry

Not Pictured: EDI South volunteers at Thompson Park during the summer taking care of the Amphitheater and surrounding flower beds.

These are just some of the volunteer activities that EDI participates in. We are always looking for meaningful ways to be involved in our community. If you know of a volunteer opportunity in our community, please contact us at 330-385-2970 or send us a message!

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